4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooringThe vinyl flooring of the ’80s can be somewhat off-putting in today’s standards. However, vinyl floors have come a long way. The production methods and the technology used for manufacturing this type of flooring has significantly improved over the last two decades. It’s safe to say that vinyl flooring is a viable option today. Not only does it have the aesthetic appeal that every homeowner wants, but it also has the durability that you would often look for in more expensive hardwood flooring. If you’re still in doubt about vinyl flooring, check out these four reasons why you should consider this type of flooring material.

Vinyl flooring is catching up with recent trends

Durability – if you think that hardwood is the only type of flooring material that could last ages without significant signs of wear, think again. Vinyl floors come with different types of layers that account for its durability. The wear layer, which takes all of the foot traffic enables the floor to last long. Commonly, the wear layer comes in a variety of thickness. It starts at around 6 millimeters up to 28 millimeters or even more.

Price – if you’re looking for a great deal on flooring, you can always find the jackpot with vinyl flooring in North Myrtle Beach. You simply can’t go wrong with this type of flooring material if your primary criteria when choosing is price. You can find an option at every price point and you can expect it to be a good deal.

Options – you simply won’t run out of options when it comes to vinyl flooring. Unlike other types of flooring materials, vinyl doesn’t let you sacrifice anything. You get what you want at a price that favors your budget. Here are different types of vinyl flooring to choose from:

  • Vinyl sheets – this is the best option if you have a large floor area to cover. It’s the cheapest among the other types of vinyl flooring. You should hire a professional for the flooring installation. However, you can still get away with DIY installation if you’re confident enough with your skills.
  • Vinyl tiles – by far, this is the variety of vinyl flooring that’s the easiest to install. You could either glue the tiles down or choose the ones that come with an adhesive backing. Other variants include an interlocking functionality where each tile snaps in place with one another, making for easy installation.
  • Vinyl planks – if you’re looking for the most elegant in the bunch, vinyl planks are for you. It’s also referred to as luxury vinyl. It looks good but without the expensive price tag you would find on most hardwood floors.
  • Engineered vinyl planks – this is the more advanced variation of luxury vinyl. It comes with various layers that make it so durable. Aside from that, it looks great on just about any setting.

Maintenance – if you’re thinking about getting a type of flooring material that’s easy to maintain, vinyl flooring is for you. It does not stain, warp, or need to be sanded down and finished. It has a protective layer that prevents scratches and wear.

Installation – as far as flooring installation goes, vinyl flooring is one of the most, if not the easiest type of flooring to install. However, you should always consult experts like NMB Flooring Pros if you don’t have any experience laying out floors.

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