5 Simple Steps On Cleaning Hardwood Floors

hardwood floorsDo you have hardwood floors at home? Do you constantly wonder about the right methods of maintaining your precious hardwood floors? If you are one of those homeowners who want to keep their hardwood floors in good condition for as long as possible, here’s an article just for you. In this article, we’ll be learning about the ways on how to properly clean and maintain hardwood flooring. Here are five steps on how you can give your floors a good clean:

Hardwood floors require special treatment to make them last

Step 1: Removing the loose dirt and dust

There’s a high chance you already know how to do this. All you need to do is start off with vacuuming the hardwood floors. This will eliminate any dust that has settled on the floor. If there is still visible dirt that won’t come off, you can turn to your trusty mop. Be sure that you have one of those mops with microfiber heads. Why microfiber? Other mop heads are made out of various materials like cotton and synthetic materials that are not quite effective at attracting dirt. What microfiber cloths do is attract dust and debris which makes it easier to use for cleanups.

Step 2: Determining the floor finish

If you don’t already know the type of finish you have on your floor, it’s the right time that you should. The next step is basically identifying the type of finish that was applied to your floor when it was installed. This is important because hardwood floors in North Myrtle Beach may be finished in more than one way. There are two types of finishes. One is surface finish and the other is a penetrating the finish. Each type of finish will require a different set of cleaning solutions. It’s important to know this because the chemicals are not interchangeable. This means that if you use a solution that’s intended for the surface finish on a floor that’s applied with a penetrating finish, you risk the floor getting damaged.

Step 3: Selecting the right floor cleaner

As indicated in step number 2, the type of finish must be found out. This is to make ways for the third step which is to find the suited cleaner for the floors. If you are not certain about the type of finish of your floor as well as the brand of cleaner, you could always ask your local flooring company like NMB Flooring Pros. They can help you out with this concern.

Step 4: Mop in along the grain and not across

Mopping along the grain will allow the floors to become smooth. Apply the floor cleaner as instructed and mop it along the floors. Again, it should be along the grand and not across.

Step 5: Removing deeps stains

For a complete hardwood floor restoration and cleaning, all the stains must be removed. This process may involve a variety of procedures depending on the stains that you have on your floors. If you want to avoid further damage to your floors, it is recommended that you hire a flooring contractor instead.

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