6 Compelling Reasons To Choose Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooringFor the past two decades, the use of vinyl flooring never really took off. It was introduced into the mainstream but didn’t quite make it as a crowd favorite. However, due to the advancements in manufacturing technology, vinyl flooring is making its way back into homes. Although there are other types of flooring materials in the market that are better, vinyl flooring isn’t far ahead. There are also a number of perks that come along with choosing vinyl flooring. Here are a number of reasons that would definitely make you give vinyl flooring a second thought.

Vinyl flooring attributes that will help you decide

  1. Superior resistance to moisture – the one thing that you can definitely count on North Myrtle Beach vinyl flooring is its ability to remain in good condition even when subjected to moist environments. Take your kitchen and bathroom for example. Hardwood flooring is not your ideal type of flooring material if you want a new floor for your bathroom. Although hardwood floors are great when it comes to style and durability, it isn’t that resilient when it is up against moisture.
  1. Wide design variety – if you’re worried that you would not find the type of style you’re looking for, you should try considering vinyl flooring. You have an unlimited amount of choices. Of course, stocks would be limited to what your supplier has on hand. However, when you think of vinyl flooring in general, you’re talking about a type of flooring that could have any design printed onto it. In simple terms, there’s no shortage of design when it comes to vinyl flooring.
  1. Fast installation – the good thing about vinyl flooring is that you don’t need to wait long for the installation process to be completed. Flooring installation with this kind of material is quick and easy. Vinyl sheets come with adhesive pre-installed. Vinyl planks are also quite similar to laminates that have a tongue and groove profile on the sides for easy installation.
  1. Superior durability – if you’re concerned about the durability of vinyl flooring, you shouldn’t. In general vinyl flooring can last anywhere in the neighborhood of 10 – 20 years. Of course, this would entirely depend on the brand and quality of the product that you purchase. Before you purchase, ask around. It would be great to if you could ask previous buyers and sellers their recommended brand.
  1. Stain resistant and easy to clean – It’s made out of vinyl. That fact alone means that it won’t easily be stained. It’s also fairly easy to clean with no worries of germs and bacteria left behind. A good clean with the use of cleaning products would easily remove any dirt and bacteria on top of the floor.
  1. Superior comfort – during the winter months, it’s a complete pain to walk barefoot at home especially if you don’t have any heating under your floors. However, you don’t need to worry about getting chilly feet when you install vinyl flooring. It does not get cold even when temperatures drop to or at below freezing.

For more information on vinyl flooring and other types of flooring materials, contact experts like NMB Flooring Pros. They know what you need and what to do. When it comes to flooring, only deal with professionals for the best output.

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