Carpet Buying Mistakes You Need To Avoid

carpet installationBuying a carpet isn’t something that homeowners do all the time. As a matter of fact some people may only shop for one a couple of times in their lifetime. Given that, it is quite easy for homeowners to be confused when purchasing a carpet and wind up with one that doesn’t suit their needs. When you shopping for a carpet, there are some common mistakes that you have to avoid.

Worrying Too Much About Weight

One thing you need to be cautious about when shopping for a carpet is getting hung up on the weight. Carpets with a higher face weight is not always better than a carpet with a lower one. It is a mistake to associate weight with quality. There are several factors that that need to be considered when determining the overall quality of the carpet. However, several salespeople are perhaps too uninformed or sometimes too indifferent to fully explain this correctly to customers. It is easier to tell a person that that 50 oz. carpet is much better than a 40 oz one rather than to explain the other considerations such as its density and twist.

Ignoring The Underpad

Another mistake you need to avoid when purchasing a new carpet is to skimp on the underpad. Although it is hard to spend money on something that you can’t see, you have to invest on an underpad. It prevents your carpet from deteriorating prematurely by absorbing the effects of foot traffic. Installing a better grade underpad will make your carpet feel comfortable to walk on, it will also improve the aesthetics of your carpet compared to using a low grade underpad. Your carpet is only as good as its underpad. In case you are on a tight budget, it is recommended to spend a bit less on the carpet and more on the underpad. Even if you have a low quality carpet, it will still look, feel, and perform better if it has a better quality underpad.

Carpets Are The Same Because They Look The Same

You need to avoid making this mistakes especially if you are obtaining different quotes from various retailers. Even if two carpets look and feel the same does not mean that will perform the same. When comparing products you have to check the style, fiber, and quality. You should also compare the warranties provided by the manufacturer.

Carpets Are Unprofessionally Installed

Installing a carpet is not always easy as it seems. You are better off hiring a professional who offers quality carpet installation services. Although this service can be quite expensive especially if you have a lot of upholstery work involved. However, a carpet that is installed poorly will not just look bad but also perform bad. This will lead to premature carpet replacement which will cost you more.

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