Choosing The Right Type Of Carpet For Every Room In Your Home

carpet installationCarpets help warm up and quiet down the rooms of your home. With the many different kinds of textures, fibers, and designs on the market today, it is crucial to make informed decisions when choosing carpets for the many different rooms in your home. Carpet installation is a significant financial investment and selecting the best kind for every room can help you protect that investment.

Carpet Fibers

With the many technological advancements, these days, carpets that are durable and lovely can be made out of synthetic or natural fibers. However, the differences in the resistance of fibers to abrasion, stains, fading, as well as crushing make some variations more suitable to specific home environments compared to others.

Wool – it is soft and has fair resistance to abrasion. It has excellent crush resistance, moderate stain resistance, but with poor sunlight resistance. When it comes to the burn test, wool will self-extinguish. This type of carpet is best for areas with low traffic or those that are highly visible like the living room or the master bedroom.

Nylon – it is easy to clean and comes with excellent abrasion and crush resistance. It can be made to resist stains but like wool, it has poor sunlight resistance. Nylon is ideal for high use and high traffic areas like the playroom, living room, hallway, and children’s bedroom.

Polyester – this type comes with moderate abrasion resistance and its density greatly affects its crush resistance. It has good sunlight and water-soluble stains resistance. It is perfect for low to moderate traffic areas like the study, formal dining room, and home entertainment room.

Olefin – Apart from being easy to clean, olefin is inexpensive and lightweight. It comes with excellent abrasion resistance and stain resistance. However, it performs poorly when it comes to crush and sunlight resistance. Olefin is also great for low traffic areas where spills are quite common like in the screened porch or guest bedroom.

Carpet Pile

Tufted carpet is comprised of yarn that has been inserted into a primary backing that makes a pile – or a 3D texture – with a second backing adhered to it to provide it with strength and stability. Tufted carpets are very popular in the United States. come in three basic types – cut pile, loop pile, as well as cut and loop pile. Cut piles are ideal for most living spaces while loop piles are known for their durability. Meanwhile, the cut and loop pile are offered in different patterns and designs.

When you are taking into account the quality of the tufted carpet, there are a few other features that you need to consider. These include the density, pile weight, and pile height.

Carpet Padding

Regardless of the type of carpet you choose for a certain room, you should always have good carpet padding. The Carpet & Rug Institute said the carpet pad offers cushioning underfoot and provides insulation for the room. The correct carpet pad will help extend the life of the carpet, assist in buffering sound in the room, and help in moderating the room’s temperature throughout the year. Manufacturers of carpet include requirements for how thick the carpet padding should be and how dense it should be. Keep in mind that warranties can be voided by improper cushion selection so be sure that you provide the right padding regardless of the type of carpet you buy.

The thickness and type of cushion you require depend on the patterns and traffic levels. The Carpet & Rug Institute noted that carpets used in homes must have a cushion that ranges between ¼ and 1/16 inches thickness with a density of about six pounds per cubic foot. Meanwhile, a short pile or Berber must have a cushion of 3/8 inches thick and 8 pounds density at most.

With the correct carpet installation North Myrtle Beach, the visual appeal and comfort of your home’s rooms will be improved. By choosing carpets carefully and also matching the correct fiber and the pile with the correct kind of room where it will be used, you can be sure that your carpets are going to be around for a long time.

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