Common Laminate Flooring Mistakes Homeowners Should Know

laminate flooringIs it possible to avoid the most common mistakes homeowners make on their laminate flooring? Floating floor issues can become a fun family do-it-yourself project into an expensive disaster. Installation problems tend to show themselves several months after all your effort and hard work and could be difficult or sometimes even impossible to fix.

Although it is important to purchase the best brand that you can afford to begin with, issues with laminate flooring commonly have something to do with the installation of the planks. With the right knowledge, you may be able to side step issues like buckling that is caused by water damage or peaking due to not enough expansion space.

The most common blunders when it comes to the installation of laminate flooring involve:

  • Chipping
  • Molding
  • Buckling
  • Gapping
  • Peaking

Too Rough With The Tapping Block

Several first time DIY enthusiast deal with the laminate wood flooring task with a bit of gusto. They cause different kinds of indentations like marks and chipped corners as they hammer away using a tapping block. Keep in mind that basic styles of glueless lines from manufacturers such as Pergo, don’t require a tapping block. You should also be careful when making use of a vacuum cleaner. Check with your supplier if you want to know the best cleaning tools to use. This is the first thing you have to do if you don’t want to void the warranty.

Not Preventing Water Damage

Buckling is maybe the most common complaint that homeowners make when it involves the installation of laminate flooring. Too much standing water is the common cause of warping problems. You should never give your laminate flooring a wet bath. Be sure that there will never be a chance of dampness coming through your floor layer underneath before they are installed. The issue could likewise be consequence of a sub standard product, where the joints as well as the core were not treated based on the right water repelling specification, as sometimes occurs in discount or cheap laminate flooring ranges.

Growing Mildew

Next to the buckling problem, mod or maybe mildew might also present an issue, because this is related to excessive moisture. You need professional help from NMB Flooring Pros to determine where the mildew is coming from and to come up with a solution. You might need to accept structural repairs in the event that the problem cannot be cleaned up. As mildew and mold could result in different health concerns and that is why it is important to deal with it right away.

Disregarding Expansion Space

Whenever the laminate flooring North Myrtle Beach planks are installed too near to the walls that they don’t to permit any expansion, they might push up against one another. This could lead to raised joints. This likewise takes pace when not enough room is left between the moldings and the floor. How can you fix this? You could follow the board to the molding or wall and get rid of the baseboard or molding. The flooring board could then be trimmed to permit expansion. This is another good reason why the glueless products are so effective. Since they are not affixed to the floor, there’s enough room to contract and expand. This is a natural process that takes place from one season to another.

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