How Much Does It Cost To Repair Hardwood Floors?

North Myrtle Beach hardwood floorHardwood floors have a sophisticated and beautiful style that looks wonderful when installed in any home. There’s a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from that will match effortlessly with real wood furnishings. But just like everything else, homeowners will have to deal with hardwood flooring repairing at some point in time.

Although wood flooring is an extremely popular improvement that can add value and beauty to your home. It can be a costly choice of flooring that needs ongoing maintenance to keep its visual aesthetics at all times. Wood flooring is likewise prone to repairs and damage, which could be costly to fix based on the kind of damage that was incurred.

Common Types of Damage For Wood Floors

There are numerous kinds of wood flooring material that might be used to enhance the overall look and value of your home. But nearly all wood flooring is at risk of incurring nearly the same kind of damage. A few of the most common types of damage requiring hardwood flooring repair include:

  • Scratches or light colored patches in areas that receive high volume of traffic
  • Buckled flooring caused by high moisture or leaks
  • Shelling, cupping, and splintering due to excess moisture
  • Gaps in between the floor boards because of moisture problems
  • Mold damage that include discoloration, rot, odors, as well as mold stains
  • Pet scratches and stains

Cost of Repair

The national average to repair hardwood flooring is at $876. But it typically ranges between $428 and $1334. The cost to repair low end hardwood floors is usually at $160 while the repair of high end floors is usually at $2,800.

Preventing Damage

Since leaks and moisture appear to be the main element of deterioration when it comes to hardwood flooring damage, it is essential that all homeowners deal with their home’s leaks and moisture problems under control as soon as they notice them. The sooner this kind of problem is addressed, the less damage their hardwood flooring will have to endure.

Constant wear and tear on hardwood flooring can lead to a lot of damage over time and it can be quite expensive to repair. If you wish to prevent scratches and imperfections from happening, you must change rugs or mats in areas with high foot traffic like the main entrance or the hallway. If you have pets inside your house, be sure that their claws are trimmed to prevent more scratches. When you are moving around the furniture, be sure to lift and carry your things to get rid of accidental gouges or scrapes in the flooring. To prevent the floor’s brilliant color from fading, invest in good quality blinds and window treatments that can block harmful UV rays.

You should also keep your North Myrtle Beach hardwood flooring clean and free of mold and mildew as this can help extend the life of your wood material and reduce the need for hardwood flooring repairs. You need to stick to a routine cleaning schedule that includes sweeping the dirt, wiping away spills immediately, and using a cleaning solution that can get rid of dirt, grease, as well as other elements that are caused by daily wear and tear.

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