Easy Ways To Care For Hardwood Floors

hardwood floorsHardwood floors can last indefinitely under controlled conditions. With enough care and proper maintenance, you can make your hardwood flooring last for a very long time while looking great during which. In general, hardwood floors need to be maintained when there is a visible change on the way the floor looks. If it’s all beat up and worn down, you will need to sand and refinish your floors to restore its former glory. However, this is what you do in extreme cases when the floor hasn’t had any TLC for so long. To prevent such unfortunate outcomes, here are some easy-follow-tips on how to take care of your hardwood floors.

Although resilient, hardwood floors also need some attention to keep it in top shape

Daily dusting – what you need to accomplish daily makes a whole lot of sense. Be sure to dust your hardwood floors on a daily basis. Hardwood flooring tends to lose its shine when dust and dirt particles are not removed. Instead of using a broom or vacuum cleaner, use a microfiber mop instead. Although vacuuming is still a necessary part of maintenance, it can’t do everything. You can’t vacuum something that has completely adhered to the floor. Your first line of defense against dirt and dust is cleaning the surface of your floor. That’s easily accomplished by removing dust from your floor using a microfiber mop.

Weekly vacuuming – dusting is a crucial step in removing dust and dirt from your floor. It’s essentially the first line of defense against dirt. However, dusting alone is not enough. To further remove any loose dirt and dust, vacuum at least once a week or more if needed. The more foot traffic, the higher the frequency of vacuuming is needed. Be careful with vacuuming, though. Don’t use the vacuum attachment with a beater bar as it can scratch your hardwood flooring in North Myrtle Beach.

Apply hardwood floor cleaner once a month – you don’t need to go all out on hardwood floor cleaners. You could simply use them once a month. All you need to do is use a microfiber mop and spray a mist of floor cleaner on the mop head until it becomes slightly damp. After that, apply on the floor until all areas are covered. Only use the cleaner instead of water. When cleaning your hardwood floors, never use water. Only cleaners designed for hardwood floors should be used. Water can dull the finish of the floor and damage it in the long run.

If you don’t want to risk ruining your floors, you could always hire a flooring contractor to maintain your floors. Professional contractors like NMB Flooring Pros can take good care of your precious hardwood flooring. Hiring flooring contractors is also great if you don’t have enough time to go into detail with the maintenance. You can simply have them over and let them do their job.

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