Flooring 101- Reasons Why It’s Important To Have Proper Carpet Backing

carpet installationThe important of the carpet backing is often overlooked. However, it’s an essential piece in any carpet installation. So what is carpet backing and why is it needed? Carpet backing is essentially the foundation where your carpet sits on. It mainly serves as insulation and protection for your carpet. Here are some of the benefits of having appropriate carpet backing:

Proper carpet installation is necessary to keep your floors in great shape

  1. Carpets that have the right type of backing often feels better and are softer to walk on. This makes it perfect for people who have toddlers or young children in the house. However, you should consider purchasing the higher-end variants for the best protection and comfort.
  1. Carpet backing provides another insulating layer, keeping your home warm in the winter. It also makes carpet cleaning a lot easier. Carpet backing raises your carpets a little bit which makes vacuuming far easier to do.
  1. A high-quality carpet backing prevents drafts. Porous carpeting often makes way for drafts which quickly drains the room of the desired warmth.
  1. Top-quality carpet backing blocks off the sound. If you have carpeting upstairs, you should install carpet backing. It’s one way of keeping the noise from reverberating through the whole house when someone is walking or running through the hallway. Of course, you will need professional carpet installation in North Myrtle Beach if you want things to be done right.

What are the common types of carpet backing?

Polyurethane – this type of carpet backing is the most commonly used due to its price and durability. This type of backing also serves as protection against moisture. On the other hand, its rough texture can be a bit tough on baseboards.

Jute – this type is made out of natural plant fibers. It’s soft yet still durable and can last a long time. However, the availability of this type of backing can be limited due to the source of the material.

Soft plastic backing – this one is also popular due to its price point. Plastic carpet backing is less expensive than other types of backing. However, it is not suited for areas with high humidity.

Moisture barrier – as you imagine, a moisture barrier is also a type of carpet backing that serves one primary purpose. That role is preventing moisture from seeping down from the carpet and into the baseboard.

Why should you hire professionals for flooring installation?

Hiring a professional flooring contractor is basically ensuring that your carpet is installed perfectly on the first try. Flooring contractors like NMB Flooring Pros know how things are done. There’s basically no task to big or small for these pros. In general, hiring expert flooring contractors extend the life of your flooring. Before you could have good flooring, you should have one installed. And with having it installed, you should have it done right or else you would end up with a poor quality floor. That’s the reason why having your floor installed by a professional is always necessary.

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