Flooring 101 – How To Choose A Good Carpet For Your Home

carpet installationChoosing a certain type of carpet is not as easy as choosing colors and designs that match the overall theme of your home. There are other factors that you need to consider, including the durability, carpet installation, and maintenance of the carpet as well as your lifestyle. All these factors will help you determine whether a carpet is cost-effective or not. It is important that you learn everything that you can about carpets before making a decision to buy.

Carpets are among the most cost-effective flooring options you can find

Carpets are generally categorized based on the composition of its fibers as well as on the raw material used to make it.

Wool carpets – This type of carpet is the most expensive on the market today because of its high durability and the ultimate comfort it offers to homeowners. Because it is made from a natural material, it can be difficult to clean and you may need to have it cleaned by professionals. Carpet installation in North Myrtle Beach may also require professional assistance to ensure high efficiency.

Nylon carpets – Nylon is a synthetic fiber used to make carpets and is the most popular option among American homeowners. It is also the most durable and most expensive among all synthetic fiber carpets. But like other types of carpets, it can be easily damaged when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Olefin carpets – On the other hand, if you are looking for a carpet that is easy to maintain and highly affordable, your best option is olefin. You can also pre-treat olefin carpets to increase its resistance to fading. You can use this type of carpets indoors including in the basement or family rooms. You can also use them outdoors on your patio.

Polyester carpets – This type of carpet is softer than olefin carpets but is more affordable than nylon carpets. The drawback of using polyester carpets is that they are less durable and can be easily damaged by heat and sunlight as compared to other types of carpets.

Acrylic carpets – If you want to have the look of wool carpets but it is too expensive for your budget, you may want to consider acrylic carpets. This type of carpet has high resistance to fading and it less expensive than wool but more expensive than nylon.

Sisal carpets – Sisal is a type of natural fiber that is made from a cactus plant that offers more durability and reliability. They provide an earthy and rough-textured appearance. This is why they are often used for area rugs as well.

Installing carpets on your stairways

Some homeowners opt for carpet flooring installation in their stairways as well other areas. If you are considering this, you must prepare for an increased carpeting budget as you will have to buy specific carpets made for stairways and consider how big your stairways is. Installation of carpets on stairways costs more than carpet flooring installation because it requires a lot more labor, especially if you want runner-style carpeting or if you have curved stairways.

Why install padding before your carpet

Most experts like NMB Flooring Pros highly recommend installing a layer of padding first before the carpet. Although this is an additional cost that you will have to pay for, consider this as an investment since it will add more comfort to your flooring and will help protect your carpet flooring. As a result, your carpet will be more resistant to daily wear and tear as well as foot traffic.

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