Flooring Installation Tips For Hardwood

flooring installationThe installation process of hardwood floors isn’t that simple as you think. That’s the reason why most homeowners choose to have them installed by professionals rather than doing it by themselves. There are plenty of steps involved in the flooring installation. If you are spending a couple of thousand dollars on the materials alone, you shouldn’t skimp on the installation process. Go and hire a professional flooring contractor. However, it’s still important to get to know the installation process in itself.

Proper process of installing hardwood floors

  1. Measuring the room – it is important to get the exact floor area of the space you are going to install the floor. This step is crucial in order to identify a specific number of hardwood floor planks will need to be ordered. Also, when ordering, allow a 10-15% extra for irregular cuts or mistakes. This is the first part of the flooring installation North Myrtle Beach.
  1. Make sure the subfloor is firm – it is best to ensure that the subfloor is firmly in place before the hardwood planks can be installed. This is to prevent any sections from moving after the installation.
  1. Install vapor barrier paper – this part is essential in keeping water and moisture from seeping down into the subfloor.
  1. Begin installation – the installation must begin at an unobstructed wall. Make sure that there are no objects that can hinder the placement of the floor boards.
  1. Install boards – the next thing you should do is install the boards. Pick a long and straight board and align the edge of the board with the chalk line. Drill pilot holes through the subfloor and nail it down. This is a typical process when installing hardwood floors.
  1. Hand-nailing the rolls – after installing the first few boards, continue installing until there is enough clearance for the pneumatic nail gun. At least two or three rows will need to be placed and hand nailed to provide enough clearance.
  1. Stapling the boards – after the initial boards have been hand-nailed, it’s time for the nail gun to work its magic. Continue stapling the floors tightly and come back later with a circular saw to even out the edges.
  1. Trimming the baseboards – when you are trimming the baseboards, select one that and leave at least 12 inches and cut it off. The end piece can be used to begin the following row.
  1. Filling the gaps – always be sure to cut the wall end of the wood and not the room side. Doing so will result in a big gap that will need to be filled in later.
  1. Working around the clearance issue – as you work your way through the opposite end of the wall, the clearance issue will persist. To overcome this issue, drill pilot holes on top of the boards and nail it down manually.
  1. Setting the last board in place – when you are about to set the last board in place, remember to allow a 3/8 of an inch against the wall for expansion and contraction. As you may have noticed, there are a lot of steps involved in the installation of hardwood floor, this is why you should always consider hiring experts such as NMB Flooring Pros.

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