Flooring: Best Tile For Your Bathroom

flooringThere are plenty of bathroom flooring tile options. The most common types are ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl. On the other hand, there are others that you should get to know. However, not all of them will suit your needs. It’s best to know the pros and cons of each before making a decision. Remember, it’s not every day that you get to install new flooring in your bathroom.

Common bathroom flooring tiles and their pros and cons

  1. Vinyl tiles – this kind of North Myrtle Beach flooring tiles is by far the best kind you will find in terms of practicality. It is cost-effective, durable, and not that hard on your budget. If you are planning on redoing your bathroom floor but you’ve got your finances weighing you down, you should consider vinyl tiles as your first option.
  1. Ceramic and porcelain tiles – another type of flooring that you would normally see in bathrooms and kitchens are porcelain and ceramic tile. The reason for this is obvious. Ceramic tiles are waterproof, durable, affordable, and is widely available. You wouldn’t find a hard time looking for stocks as they are mostly available in home improvement stores.
  1. Glass tiles – you might not have heard about this but glass tiles are a thing. When installed properly, they can provide a very attractive look to your bathroom. Be sure to select the textured varieties, though. However, be sure that you’re buying the right kind. There are some types of ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles that are not rated for use on floors. Be sure to ask the supplier for those that are intended for use on floors.
  1. Stone tiles – while mostly installed in the foyer, stone tiles have transcended their use from the countertop to the bathroom floors. Stone tiles come in a variety of shapes, styles, and quality. Stone tiles are highly durable, require little maintenance, and can definitely add some flair to your bathroom. On the other hand, you would most likely choose this kind of flooring if you’ve got the cash to spend. You would also need the help of experts like NMB Flooring Pros for the installation of stone tiles.
  1. Plastic laminate tiles – another good choice for homeowners are plastic laminate tiles. They provide good quality and affordable prices. However, there is one drawback to this kind of flooring material and that’s water-resistance. Unlike other materials, plastic laminate tiles are not that great in terms of keeping moisture out. Any water that gets into the tiles will cause it to expand and buckle.
  1. Linoleum floor tiles – linoleum is great for flooring. It’s quite durable and easy to clean. It’s even thought to prevent the growth of microorganisms. There are a variety of options to choose from. In terms of design, you simply can’t go wrong with linoleum floor tiles. However, it is on the expensive side at $4 per square foot.
  1. Cork floor tiles – cork is probably one of the best flooring materials there is in terms of comfort. It provides a warm sensation on the feet while having the durability and design quality. It’s not that expensive at $2 per square foot.

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