Flooring Tile Trends for 2019

tile floorsThere are a number of ways you can incorporate tile in your home. Your kitchen and bathroom are common areas where you could easily apply tile flooring. However, tile floors aren’t just suited for your bathroom and kitchen. In fact, you could utilize this type of flooring material in different ways. The only limiting factor is the imagination and the scope of concept a homeowner could come up with. Either way, tile has gone a long way to become a staple flooring material. It has gone popular that it is in this year’s trending flooring materials. Of course, there are also other types of tile trends that are perfect for 2019. Here they are:

Tile flooring – 2019 trending list

Hexagon floor tiles – geometric patterns are all the rage this year with hexagon among the top trending shapes in 2019. With their unique appearance and ease of installation, hexagon tiles are making a comeback in kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners looking to refresh the design of their bathroom or kitchen floors should take a look at hexagon ceramic tile before settling with a particular flooring option.

Marble subway tiles – the ceramic subway tile is getting a much-needed update in 2019. It has always been a timeless way of incorporating tile in your home. Perfect for your home’s shower, marble subway tiles are also great for your kitchen. They offer a nice touch and a dash of elegance in every area they are placed. Subway tiles are also made even to require little maintenance if they were made with porcelain.

Other than using tiles for your kitchen floor, ceramic tiles have also made their way onto other parts of the kitchen. Ceramic tiles have become popular options for kitchen backsplash. If you want your kitchen to look unique, there is a wide variety of tiles that you could choose from.

Full wall backsplash – one of the popular trends in 2019 is a minimal kitchen setup or a layout that takes out upper cabinets. This year, a full wall backsplash in taking a spot in the top trends. Ceiling-height backslash designs can give your kitchen the much needed aesthetic boost. On another perspective, a full wall backsplash incorporated with ceramic tile is a fresh take on the kitchen environment that we always knew.

Vintage inspired backsplash – another trend in kitchen setups this year is the vintage-inspired backsplash. The year may be 2019 but vintage is making a comeback. With the availability of vintage designs, ceramic tiles can make your vintage ideas a reality.

Popular flooring tiles

Faux wood – although they won’t last as long as real hardwood tiles, faux wood tiles offer almost all the benefits of real hardwood. Faux wood tiles are scratch and water resistant, which makes them the ideal flooring solution for areas that have high traffic.

Cement tiles – this year is all about sustainability and what better way of doing so than using cement tiles. Forget about the bells and whistles of fancy flooring materials. 2019 is focusing on the sustainable properties of cement tiles. However, it is best to have professionals do the installation of such flooring material. This approach normally requires the expertise of professionals like NMB Flooring Pros.

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