A Complete Guide On How To Choose Hardwood Floors

hardwood floorsThe flooring that you decide on will have a huge impact on your home. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, you will eventually come to a point where you are considering all your options for your floors. While there are a lot of options to choose from, hardwood floors remain a major choice. Aside from the wide variety to choose from, hardwood floors provide a different kind of aesthetics that no other flooring material can match. However, there’s the dilemma of choosing. How do you choose a type of hardwood floor over the other? Here’s how:

What you should look out for in hardwood flooring

Engineered and solid flooring – traditionally, when you say hardwood floors North Myrtle Beach that means thick planks of solid timber. However, that no longer holds true nowadays. There are other options when it comes to hardwood flooring. There are pros and cons to each. It’s a matter of preference when it boils down to it. For instance, engineered floors have an advantage when it comes to installation. Instead of using plywood for the installation, engineered floors can be glued directly onto the concrete floor and not interfere with ceiling height. However, this is only applicable for installation on concrete. Be careful when choosing some varieties of engineered flooring, though. Some have thin top layers that are not supposed to be sanded, thus ridding the option of refinishing in the future. Despite the advantage of engineered flooring, some people still prefer solid wood due to their certain look and feel.

Pre-finished and site-finished – when you purchase hardwood planks, you can choose to buy them with either a raw face or with a finish already applied. There are clear advantages to both. First of all, pre-finished boards give you an exact image of how your floors are going to look like. You’ll also spend less time on the installation since you won’t be doing any finishes afterward. On the other hand, site-finished boards have a little risk associated with them since you’ll be relying on the skills of your flooring contractor. Although this isn’t a major risk if the flooring contractor is really good at their job. However, site-finished flooring offers a wider degree of customization.

Choosing the type of finish – there are different kinds of finishes but most of them fall under the category of either oil or polyurethane. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Oil finishes have a better look and feel, but this is rather subjective so the opinion may change from person to person. Although oil finishes look good, they are easily scratched, unlike polyurethane finishes. Maintenance is also entirely different. For oil-based finishes, maintenance is easier but is done more often. For polyurethane finishes, maintenance is not done as often but requires more time to do.

Different wood types – you can find different varieties of wood to be used on floors. However, the kind of hardwood preferred in each region is different. The choices on your end may vary depending on where you are in the U.S. and what kind of wood is available. When it boils down to it, choosing a type of wood is more of deciding on what color and grain the wood will have.

Choosing a grain pattern – if you choose solid hardwood flooring, you can pick from a variety of grain patterns. Depending on how the wood was cut, the grain will look differently. Again. Choosing a grain pattern is more of subjective decision-making. Whatever you like and which one looks best for your installation area will do.

Choosing the plank width – if you think hardwood floors varied greatly when it comes to aesthetics, they also vary a lot when it comes to plank width. Again, just like choosing a grain pattern, type of wood, and finishes, determining the plank width has a subjective factor to it. Most often, people choose wider planks due to their luxurious look. In the end, it all boils down to how you want it to look and if you can afford to buy it.

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