Hardwood Flooring Can Make Your Room Beautiful

hardwoodThere are different types of hardwood floors in the market. Unlike a few decades ago, we now have the option of buying non-solid hardwood floors or flooring that did come from a solid piece of lumber. There are engineered hardwood floors and solid hardwood floors that you can choose from. Just like solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood floors also have some of the timeless qualities. However, a lot of homeowners still prefer the qualities of real hardwood floors. On the other hand, the selection process if purely subjective. It all boils down on personal preferences and how the floors are cared for.

How to care for your hardwood floor

  1. Avoid exposing your hardwood floor to water – among the largest opponents of wood flooring is water. Exposing your North Myrtle Beach hardwood flooring to water for extended periods of time can damage and discolor the wood. Considered that, it is important to maintain water off the floors. For example, if you are expecting it to rain in your area, close the windows as soon as possible. If you have potted plants on the flooring, do not fail to remember to position trays between the pot and the flooring. Additionally, spills of any kind of kind have to be wiped clean today.
  1. Give your floor a good polish – in case your hardwood floors has a surface coating after that it is highly advised that you polish your flooring at the very least every quarter. Since many hardwood floors have polyurethane surface finishes, there is a great chance that your floorings have it as well. Brightening your wood floorings using a barrier pad will help in eliminating small scrapes that scuffs that may have collected because of daily use.

Tips on choosing the right kind of hardwood floor

  1. Choose the right finish – there are different types of surfaces however a lot of them drop under the classification of either oil or polyurethane. Regardless if it’s solid or engineered hardwood, choosing the right finish is necessary. Each has its very own collection of benefits and drawbacks. Oil finishes have a much better look and feel, yet this is instead subjective so the opinion might alter from person to person. Although oil finishes look great, they are quickly damaged, unlike polyurethane surfaces. Maintenance is likewise entirely various. For oil-based surfaces, upkeep is easier however is done more often. For polyurethane coatings, upkeep is not done as commonly but needs even more time to do.
  1. Pick from a selection of wood species – you can locate various selections of wood to be used on floorings. Nonetheless, the kind of wood favored in each area is different. The selections on your end may vary depending upon where you remain in the U.S. and what type of timber is available. When it boils down to it, selecting a sort of wood is even more of selecting what shade as well as grain the wood will certainly have.
  1. Choose a desirable grain pattern – if you pick strong wood flooring, you can choose from a selection of grain patterns. Depending upon exactly how the wood was cut, the grain will look in different ways. Once again. Selecting a grain pattern is even more subjective decision-making. Whatever you like and which one looks finest for your installment area will do.

As for the installation of the hardwood floor, it is highly advised to have the entire process done by professionals. Flooring experts like NMB Flooring Pros have the tools and experience to install any kind of flooring on all subfloors.

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