How To Install Ceramic Tile Flooring

ceramic tileThere are several ways to attract problems whenever you are installing ceramic tile. You can avoid having to go through such issues and you can have a tile flooring that will last for decades if you know how to correctly install this kind of floor. If you proceed and do this yourself without knowing the basic then you are setting yourself up for disaster. Your floor tiles, as well as your grout lines, will start to crack shortly after you finished installing your ceramic tile. You will end up wasting your time and money plus, you will need to hire a flooring contractor to fix the mess you made. To avoid all these inconveniences, provided below is a list of the most important things you need to know about ceramic tile installation.

Bigger Is Easier But Not Always Better

Bigger tiles are easier to install compared to smaller ones. They are commonly used in bathroom walls, kitchens, other parts of a house. But you also have to remember that although bigger tiles are easier to work with, they are not always the best choice for certain home designs or area of the house.

What Don’t See Can Hurt You

In case you do not have a subfloor that is flat, then you will find it difficult to have a successful installation. A basic DIYer can work with a self-leveling subfloor compound easily. Other options are also available like cement backer board or plywood. However, regardless of the material used, you need to remember that the subfloor must be at least one inch thick to make sure that the job is done right.

Squaring A Room Is Easy

The best way to square a room is by using a 3/4/5 triangle. Measure 3 feet from one wall, and then 4 feet to the room’s center, and then make a triangle by connecting the two lines with a five-foot line. If you are working in a larger room then you should use 6-8-10 foot lines. In case it is smaller, you can use 18″, 24″ and 30″.

Rent a Wet Saw If You Need To Cut Corners

Renting a wet saw will save you time and avoid unnecessary frustrations when installing North Myrtle Beach ceramic tiles. Unless you have a perfect house with perfect rooms, you will most likely need to cut tiles. The time you will save in cutting the tiles perfectly is well worth the price you have to pay for renting the wet saw.

Do Not Rush

Never rush. Always take your time and work slowly but surely to make sure that you get everything right. Behind a top quality tile job is a flooring installation expert who takes his time when getting the job done.

Butter The Tiles If The Trowel Gets Jammed

If you are working in tight edges or corners, the trowel will not be able to fit inside the space. The fastest way to deal with this issue is to add an adhesive at the back of the tiles.

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