Things To Consider When Installing Commercial Flooring

commercial flooringWhen it comes to commercial flooring, what you need to do first is to think about the specific application that the floors will be used for. Floors for a hallway that receives high traffic has different requirements when compared to the floors in the showroom of a retail store. You need to match the materials to the traffic, environment, and use. Other crucial considerations include durability, ease of installation, as well as maintenance factors.

Cost And Installation

Any type of flooring that you pick will have an initial cost linked to the purchase as well as the installation of the material. But, you also have to consider both the long-term and upfront costs of maintaining, cleaning, and fixing the materials as required. In some instances, choosing the costlier flooring option might pay off by needing fewer repairs, less maintenance, and offer a longer service life.


It is crucial to take into account the costs linked to the maintenance of any commercial flooring. Materials like terrazzo or stained concrete are easy to clean. Carpeting can be vacuumed regularly but it is susceptible to stains. Other materials like vinyl and stone may need more labor intensive maintenance in order to keep their aesthetics. To put it simply, areas where you require easy and fast cleanup need hard surface flooring while wet environments call for impenetrable surfaces to avoid causing damage to the floor or subfloor and to prevent mold growth.

Durability and Replacement

Even with routine maintenance, several North Myrtle Beach commercial flooring applications eventually wear out and have to be replaced after a few years. You will have fewer problems with the cost if you choose a commercial flooring that is known for its long lifespan. The material’s durability can be balanced against how simple it is to take out and replace.


The flooring material’s traction is essential in areas that receive high traffic. Polished marble floors are visually appealing and elegant looking. However, when they are buffed, they could be prone to slippage in high traffic areas and hallways. In case it is a moist environment, you should consider getting a material that offers extra traction like tile with high COF or coefficient of friction. In commercial settings that are play or recreation, the chosen flooring should be non slip to prevent injury.


Based on how the area is used, you might want t use the flooring to make a specific ambiance. Carpet is famous in places where you would like people to feel warm and comfortable such as in therapy rooms and waiting areas. Carpet can lessen the noise and it is an ideal option for areas where people go to rest or concentrate.

Researching Flooring Materials

When you have determined the most crucial characteristics required for the flooring you need, the next thing you need to do is to compare different products that are available in your area. If possible, show the materials you are considering to use to the design team as well as the janitorial staff so all of you can determine which one is the best for the area where it will be used.

Depending on the facility’s size as well as the job specification, you might be able to find a vendor who will install the flooring you need in a single room first so you can test the material out before you make a purchase.

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