Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Floors In Tip Top Shape

hardwood flooringHardwood flooring can make any home more aesthetically pleasing. Apart from looking better compared to other kinds of flooring, hardwood can last for a very long time provided that it is given proper care and maintenance. However, several homeowners let their hardwood flooring fall into disrepair, which leads to expensive and premature replacement. To help you avoid all that, provided below are five tips to keep your hardwood flooring in good condition for the years to come.

Vacuum Weekly

Hardwood flooring is easy to clean unlike other flooring types. Compared to carpeting, which hides and traps dust, dirt, and dander, hardwood flooring leaves them totally exposed, making them easier to remove. To make sure that your hardwood floor is dust free, then you have to vacuum at least once a week to prevent undesirable elements like dust from building up and keep your hardwood floors looking like brand new. Let’s say nobody tracks dirt inside and there are no spills, then this is the kind of cleaning that your floor will regularly need.

Keep Water Off The Floor

One of the biggest enemies of North Myrtle Beach hardwood flooring is water. Exposing your floor to water for long periods of time can damage and stain the hardwood. Given that, it is important to keep water off the floors. For instance, if you are expecting it to rain in your area, close the windows right away. If you have potted plants on the floor, don’t forget to place trays between the pot and the floor. Furthermore, spills of any kind must be wiped clean right away.

Use Mats

You also need to prevent pets and other people from tracking water, mud, as well as other damaging elements onto your hardwood floors. Use absorbent doormats to prevent these from happening. They offer a place to wipe shoes before entering the house. They are useful during winter and rainy season.

Polish The Floor

In case your hardwood flooring has a surface finish then it is highly recommended that you polish your flooring at least every quarter. Because many hardwood floors have polyurethane surface finishes, there is a good chance that your floors have it too. Polishing your hardwood floors using a buffer pad will help in removing small scratches that scuffs that may have accumulated due to everyday use. Aside from that, if your floors have a urethane finish or other kinds of glossy finish, you must never use wax. If you need professional help in polishing your hardwood flooring, or perhaps in repairing minor problems, get in touch with an expert like NMB Flooring Pros right away.

Limit UV Exposure

Hardwood flooring tend to fade when constantly exposed to UV rays for long periods of time. Avoid this by limiting their exposure to sunlight. In case there are windows in the area, install window coverings that can block out UV rays.

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