Choosing Laminate Flooring – A Buyer’s Quick Guide

laminate flooringOver the past 50 years, there has been a lot of great advances in home improvement and laminate flooring is among them. They are less expensive compared to hardwood, they come pre-finished and are durable, and the best part is that they can be easily installed by the average DIYer. Most brands can be installed with just a handful of tools. The planks could just be snapped together easily. Basically, an everyday DIYer could go through the installation with ease. It’s the choosing part that takes most of the time and much of the deliberation. So how do you pick your laminates? Here’s a quick guide on how you could choose the best laminate flooring for your home.

What you need to know when buying laminate flooring

  1. Understanding the two types of laminate flooring – there are two kinds of laminate flooring that you could choose from. One is engineered wood and the other one is plastic laminate. Here’s the difference between the two:

Engineered wood – this type of laminate flooring uses real layers of wood bonded together with a thin top layer which is coated with a layer of acrylic. This type of laminate is on the expensive side. And there’s a good reason why. Real hardwood is always more expensive than its synthetic counterparts. It could still be scratched and stained, though. However, it could be sanded and refinished a couple of times as well.

Plastic laminate – as you could tell, plastic laminates are purely synthetic but are cheaper. They offer the same ease of flooring installation and durability. However, when it comes to repairs, don’t expect it to be easy. If the plastic laminate gets scuffed, scratched, and dented, it won’t be as easy to sand them down like you would with engineered wood. You would need to replace entire sections if they get severely damaged.

  1. Give your underlayment some thought – unlike hardwood flooring, laminate floors require underlayment foam. Don’t install your laminates without it. Underlayment gives your floor a little bit of give and makes the installation process easier since it hides the inconsistencies in the subfloor. Underlayment generally has a self-adhesive tape that is used to join one row to another.
  1. Involve a little practicality when choosing a finish – of course, your choice when it comes to choosing a finish will be bound to be influenced by your lifestyle. If you have kids and pets, you should consider going for the non-glossy or low gloss finish. Otherwise, you could choose whatever finish you like. Just be sure to add in a dash of practicality when you’re in the selection process.
  1. Stay away from wide planks unless you have a perfect substrate – wide planks look good but they won’t be the best solution if your floor is uneven. If the concrete or wood subfloor has some imperfections, you’re better off with choosing smaller planks to make leveling a lot easier. Remember, you will be snapping together joints and larger planks would just make things worse if the subfloor isn’t perfectly even. For such cases, it’s best to hire professionals like NMB Flooring Pros. Flooring installation can be tricky that’s why most homeowners prefer to have it done by experts.

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