Tips To Make Carpet Installation A Lot Easier

Carpet installation can be deceiving. From the looks of it, homeowners believe that it is as simple as rolling out the carpet and then tacking it down. However, there are several reasons why it is better to hire a professional carpet installer to get the job done.

If you are planning to go DIY for this type of flooring installation project, then listed below are a few tips you have to know if you want to keep your sanity once you tackle this project.

Use Regular Tools or Rent Specialized Equipment

Some of the tools you need are regular ones like a hammer, tape, scissors, tin-snips, stapler, and utility knife. The other tools you need to install your carpet can be borrowed or rented like power stretcher, seam iron, as well as a knee kicker. It is way too costly to buy these tools and utilize them only one time.

You Need A Carpet Stretcher

You can give it a try but installing a carpet with a carpet stretcher will give you terrible results. Lumps and wrinkles will immediately form. In case you are not prepared to use a carpet stretcher, then it is best to hire a professional flooring expert like NMB Flooring Pros. 90% of the job will require the use of a carpet stretcher, and an experienced carpet installer know very well how to get this done.

Think About The Direction When Seaming

Of course, if the carpet you are installing has a pattern, you cannot seam the two pieces in any combination. However, if you are working on a non patterned carpeting, you will find the direction of the carpet pile by simply looking at it from various directions in good light. You have to make sure that the carpet pile is constant from a single piece to another.

Don’t Place Carpet Tack Strips All The Way Against The Baseboard or Wall

Never be tempted to put the carpet tack strips or also referred to as tackless strips all the way against the baseboard or wall. You should have extra space so you can squeeze in the carpet. You can guesstimate the gap. You should have the thickness of the carpeting but only a hair less. In case it is the exact carpet thickness, the carpet has a tendency to pull out. However, by making the gap a bit smaller compared to the carpet’s actual thickness, the carpet will fit in nice and tight.

Buy Extra For Patterned Carpet

You will see a lot of materials wasted when you are using patterned carpets compared to non-patterned ones. It is because you have to take away more waste material so you can make two pieces the carpet with patterns mate together. The bigger the pattern, the more waste materials you will have.

Don’t Add Padding On Tackless Strips

This is more of a rule than a tip when it comes to North Myrtle Beach carpet installation. You should not lay the padding on top of the tackless strips. You have to maintain the padding within the boundary created by the strips. The padding must touch the edge of the tackless strips but must not overlap. In case it does, you will a fat lump surrounding the carpet’s edge and it won’t look good.

Call NMB Flooring Pros if you are looking for professional carpet installation services.

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