Tips For Choosing Laminate Flooring

laminate flooringOne of the most excellent developments in home renovations over the past fifty years is laminate flooring. It is durable, inexpensive, prefinished, and easy to install even by an intermediate DIYer. Most of the different styles are set up by merely snapping the planks together without the need to use a glue or fastener. As a matter of fact, the most complicated part is selecting the product.

Styles of Laminate Flooring

There are two kinds of North Myrtle Beach laminate flooring and both of them are available in snap together plans, which are about ¼ inch in thickness. Engineered wood is created out of layers of genuine wood connected together with glue and each layer is perpendicular to the layer above and below it for stability. The top layer is made of thin layer of hardwood that is coated with an acrylic finish. Meanwhile, plastic laminate is synthetic. It has a layer made of melamine at the bottom, a center made of a resin saturated fiberboard, as well as a woodgrain print at the top which is safeguarded by a layer of hard clear plastic.

Engineered Wood

If you are a purist who want the distinctive appeal of natural wood, then you should go with engineered wood. It cost twice as much as plastic laminate. It top thin layer that is made of real wood makes it more prone to scratches, dents, and staining. However, when compared to plastic laminate, engineered wood can be rejuvenated as much as three times provided that it is sanded and refinished carefully. Engineered wood lasts much longer compared to its plastic laminate counterpart especially if it is installed in areas that does not receive heavy foot traffic and in areas that are not prone to water. In case you plan to sell your home in the future, buyers might appreciate your home and pay more because of floors made of real wood, as long as they are well maintained, of course.

Plastic Laminate

If you are looking for a flooring material that will still managed to look like it is real wood and can be placed in areas that are seriously abused or often gets wet, then plastic laminate is for you. It has a bulletproof coating on top and internal components that are made of plastic. These makes plastic laminate very durable. They can resist the effects of pet claws and moisture compared to engineered wood.

Luxury VinyL

Luxury vinyl are also known for its ease of flooring installation and durability. If you happen to visit a home center, go and check luxury vinyl. You will also find luxury vinyl tile that appears like ceramic tile and luxury vinyl plank that replicates the look of real wood Both of these types of luxury vinyl are known for their resiliency and water resistance.

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