Tips For Repairing Your Hardwood Flooring

hardwood flooring repairingEven the finest hardwood floors will encounter some problems later on. For example, wood is susceptible to scratching compared to other types of flooring. Other issues range from a simple surface damage to major structural defects to squeaks – which is considered as the most annoying issue that most wood floors fall prey to. To help you with these provided below are some hardwood flooring repairing tips.

There is no simple method to avoid gouges and scratches. They are bound to happen because of the regular wear and tear. Nor can you avoid problems that are brought on by wood contraction and expansion. Wood is a naturally porous and fibrous material. It contracts and expands due to the changes in humidity and temperature. Because of this, boards can warp or separate, and nails can also loosen up. The natural settling of a home may also lead to the separation of the subfloor and the joists. In case your floor is uneven or sagging, a major structural problem might be causing it. In this case, you have to talk to a professional North Myrtle Beach hardwood floor contactor.


You can easily buff away minor scratches on your hardwood floors using progressively finer sandpaper grits or steel wool. You can limit the sanding to the affected area, feathering slightly into the nearby surfaces. Buff or sand only in line with the wood grain. However, you also need to know that polyurethane finishes are hard to sand. You can try to use a scouring pad that is dipped in mineral spirits or you can also use a sanding screen. If your hardwood floors have been coated with a polyurethane finish, you should never wax it. This will make it impossible to recoat later on where without the need to sand it first.

Watermark Stains

Water and wood floors are never compatible. In case somebody left a water mark ring from a cold glass or hot coffee cup on the floor, you may be able to extract the stain. Fold the rag or white cloth in half and place it over the stain. The next thing you need to do is set the iron back and forth over the area that has the water mark stain. You have to get this done gradually, inspecting frequently so you will know if the stain is disappearing and to avoid causing further damage. Hardwood floors may also have large water stains that are caused by spills or perhaps over watering house plants. The affect spot should be sanding and bleached in some cases, and then refinished so they will match the rest of the floors, which can be very tricky. It is also best to hire professionals for this kind of work, especially if the stain is located in a visible spot.

Damaged Wood Flooring

If you are dealing with damaged hardwood flooring, you have to remove and replace it with new ones. Hardwood floor repairing of damaged sections involve taking out a part of the finish flooring and then nailing or gluing replacements to the subflooring, filling the cracks, sanding, and the refinishing the surface. In case you are not experienced in this kind of work, you will find it hard to get the new boards to match the old. You can always hire an expert like NMB Flooring Pros to help you.

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