Do You Need Underlayment When Installing Hardwood Floors?

hardwood flooring installationHardwood offers a sturdy flooring material that can last for many years. Hardwood flooring are best used in dry areas in your home like the living room, bedrooms, and dining room. Laminate flooring looks a lot like solid hardwood flooring but it is made up of different materials and needs a distinct type of installation. Compared to laminate flooring, hardwood flooring does not require padding. Keep in mind that proper hardwood flooring installation is essential in making sure that your hardwood floor lasts for decades.


One common type of underlayment for laminate flooring and carpets is padding. A few types of laminate flooring have an attached pad while others need sheets of foam padding before you can install the floor boards over the top. An authentic hardwood flooring doesn’t need padding, even though it does require a kind of fabric between the surface and underlayment.


Underlayment padding assists in cushioning areas of laminate flooring. Protecting the laminate, keeping it in place, and providing product longevity is the primary purpose of this material. Compared to the padding placed under the carpet, this kind of underlayment padding is way too thin, which means you won’t feel it whenever you walk across a laminate floor. Hardwood floors don’t need underlayment padding however, they might creak and squeak when you set the surface boards against the underlayment. The friction created when wood rubs against wood is among the most common causes of floor creaks.

Proper Material

Hardwood flooring installation North Myrtle Beach materials typically use asphalt felt paper or building paper between the hardwood flooring and the underlayment. These durable and sturdy types of paper sheeting help prevent the wood surfaces from rubbing together whenever you walk, assisting in the elimination of the probability of hearing those annoying floor squeaks and creaks.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

The installation method needed for your hardwood flooring project will depend on the type and brand of paper and hardwood you opt to use. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers once you install the flooring products. The typical method for installing hardwood flooring is to clean out the underlayment’s surface, roll the paper out, staple it in their correct places, and then install each wooding flooring planks. Laying the paper over the bare, and clean subfloor that’s free of debris and grit will assist in reducing the risk of paper rips and tears.

Hire A Pro Or Go DIY

If you want to install the hardwood flooring yourself, you will find lots of DIY tips online to make your job a lot easier.

To make sure that you obtain the correct price for your hardwood flooring project, be sure to get estimates from at least three hardwood flooring installation contractors. Companies that handle flooring projects must provide you a better price compared to a general contractor. A company does not require a license to do hardwood flooring installation. However, it is best to go with professionals like NMB Flooring Pros.

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