What You Need To Know About Laminate Flooring

laminate flooringLaminate flooring is designed to replicate wood floors. It was first developed decades ago as an affordable substitute for real wood. Today, manufacturers of this kind of product have stepped up their game and are now providing high-quality laminate floors in varying types of wood pieces. Among the most common choices include hickory, oak, and heartwood pine. You can also choose from exotic versions like Prado and tigerwood as well as rustic and antiqued versions. There also those that feature metal, tile, and stone look-alikes. Given that, here are a few things you need to know about laminate flooring.

Benefits Of Installing Laminate Flooring

–    Laminate floors are available as tiles or planks. The ends and edges are made to snap together so that nailing is not required, making its installation an excellent DIY project.

–    Because it is made of laminate, the pieces are stable and its seams will not open up even there are changes in humidity.

–    Snap together as well as lightweight laminate flooring is installed on top of a thin foam cushion underlayment. Because of this, laminate is a great option for flooring installations on top of most existing floors with the exception of course of carpet – getting rid of the need to have it torn out.

–    The planks or tiles of laminate floors snap together, which means there will be no need to use glues that release VOC.

–    Laminate flooring is not produced using exotic or old growth trees.

–    Laminate floor’s wear layer is extremely durable, making its cleanup and maintenance very easy. You should also sweep it occasionally to keep it free of abrasive grit.

Disadvantages Of Installing Laminate Flooring

Even high-quality North Myrtle Beach laminate flooring can be susceptible to moisture damage and must not be installed in rooms with floor drains, sump pumps or in laundry rooms. If you plan to install it on the basement floor and slabs, it must have a moisture barrier. You can install this type of flooring in your kitchen provided that you are diligent when it comes to its cleaning up splashes and spills. Experts from NMB Flooring Pros do not recommend the installation of laminate flooring in the bathroom unless all of the edges are glued and you use silicone caulk to seal the perimeter.

Unfortunately, laminate floors cannot be refinished, unlike real wood. Therefore, once it becomes worn out, you have to replace it. Check the flooring’s warranty that you are considering to buy; those with higher warranties usually have a longer life and better quality. Avoid using cheap versions as much as possible.

Laminate flooring may look unreal, can sound harsh when walked on and feel unnaturally hard compared to real wood.

Laminate flooring’s wear layer is partially made of plastic and that means it won’t degrade in landfills. Some versions may even use formaldehyde and other chemicals when they were manufactured. These substances have been found to release VOCs, which can be harmful to your health.

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