Why You Need To Choose Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooringVinyl flooring has started to become famous once again in the past few years. It is an artificial counterpart of linoleum that was first invented during the 1930s. It is known for its durability, versatility, and stain resistance. It has become one of the most widely used residential flooring especially in areas of the home that are always wet. It continues to be a major flooring option these days because of its wide range of desirable characteristics. Listed below are a few of the many benefits of using vinyl flooring.

Resistant To Moisture

Vinyl flooring has high resistance to water, which makes it a great choice for areas in your home that are constantly wet like the laundries, kitchens, and bathrooms. But it can also be used in other dry parts of your house.

Aesthetic Versatility

Vinyl flooring is available in different patterns and colors to match virtually any kind of décor style. The most popular kinds of vinyl designs are those that replicate natural materials like natural stone and timber. Synthetic timber vinyl flooring is extremely popular. They are available in planks that look a lot like real wooden floorboards especially when they are installed.

Easy and Quick Installation

In terms of its flooring installation, vinyl flooring is also available in planks, tiles, and sheets. This type of flooring is also incredibly easy and simple to install. Sheeting must be glued down, and in most instances, the tiles have a peel and stick backing, and therefore, all you have to do is lay them out neatly and evenly.

The important thing when it comes to the installation of vinyl flooring involves the floor itself. It needs a smooth surface because any imperfections or flaws will present itself through indentations and bumps. Flooring experts from NMB Flooring Pros said that vinyl flooring is ideally installed on top of a layer of a smooth concrete screed or a well-sanded plywood.


Vinyl flooring is also known for its durability. If it is installed properly, it can last for as long as twenty years. However, just like any other product or type of flooring out there, the quality of the product you purchase will play a significant role in the floor’s lifespan.

Stain Resistant and Hygienic

All you have to do to maintain the great appearance of your vinyl flooring is to make sure that all the grit and dirt are constantly vacuumed or swept away. It should also be cleaned using a damp mop as well as a vinyl approved cleaner whenever needed. North Myrtle Beach Vinyl flooring has a clear wear layer that protects its surface from stains and spills.

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